April Community Highlights

April Community Highlights

By the OER Project Team

With just a few months of the school year left, now is the perfect time to ask a question, post an answer, or discuss a new idea in the online teacher community. Check out some of the most popular conversations below!

Tech savvy or tech novice?

Teachers have had to adapt over the course of the pandemic. Read one teacher’s guide to the different digital teaching tools that they have tried in their classroom this year.

Your insider's guide

Image of thread title: "Final Photo Project"

A year in reflection

The one-year anniversary of spring lockdown protocols has many people reflecting on pre-pandemic life. Here’s one project that has our community sharing photos that were taken just before going into lockdown.

Post your memories

Image of thread title: "Writing and a 'somewhat joyful heart'"

Writing and "a somewhat joyful heart"

Take a minute to note the small successes. Here’s a quick student-anecdote that’s sure to bring a smile to your face.

Celebrate the gains

Image of thread title: "How are you using graphic biographies in your class?"

How are you using graphic biographies in your class?

A student- and teacher-favorite resource, this discussion has teachers sharing the ways they use World History Project (WHP) graphic biographies with their students.

Your window to the past

Image of thread title: "Cold War Crisis Simulation"

Investigating a crisis

Here’s how an experienced teacher used the primary source-focused Era 7 Cold War Crisis activity in her WHP class, complete with a student work sample.

Duck and cover

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