June Community Highlights

June Community Highlights

By the OER Project Team

Happy June to you! As you prepare to close the door on another school year, here are a few discussions from our OER Project Online Teacher Community to keep you moving towards the finish line!

But first, consider this your heads up to join us in the Community for an OER Project Exchange on June 15–17. This asynchronous discussion will discuss incorporating art as a pedagogical strategy with Dr. Shamini Dias, Director of the Preparing Future Faculty program at Claremont Graduate University.

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming:

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Student Shout Outs

Frame videos? Student awards? Postcards? Our community has tons of creative ideas for wrapping up the year. Don’t be afraid to share yours in this end-of-year discussion!

Give ‘em a hand

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A Big Deal in a Weird Year

The Little Big History project is a student favorite, and curveballs like at-home or hybrid learning don’t have to mean that students have to miss out. Take a look at how members of the OER Project Community adapted to meet the challenges of this year.

A masterpiece in the making

Radio Check

We’ve got a challenge for you. If you haven’t yet posted in the OER Project Community, now is your chance! This discussion has teachers sharing good things going on in their classrooms right now. Join in on the fun!

Report in

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Nostalgic for Notebooks?

If you were trapped on a deserted island with only one note-taking app (and an electrical socket, presumably), which one would you pick? Take a look at the pros and cons to a few of our teachers’ favorites.

And the winner is...?

What do your students do with Project X?

Numbers? In a history class? OER Project veteran and 2020 California Outstanding Rookie Teacher of the Year Erik Christensen lends us his knowledge of how he uses data with his students and provides a look into how to teach Project X, a newer course in the OER Project lineup.

Charts and graphs and analysis...oh my!

Looking for more? Join us in the OER Project Community today! And if you aren’t registered with us yet, create an account here for free access to the OER Project Community and more.