March Community Highlights

March Community Highlights

As we continue to march through the school year, here are some conversations you might find useful for your classroom. Now’s the perfect time to ask a question, share some wisdom, or just stop in and say hello!

How comics help humanize history

Join this discussion on how comics have allowed those not usually given a voice to be included in the historical narrative and how to incorporate graphic biographies in your classroom.     

Visualize this history

Planning for WHP

Here’s some exclusive access to an experienced teacher’s planning process, complete with a mind map, which you might find useful as you choose WHP resources to include in your practice. 

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Writing as a tool for learning

Writing instructor extraordinaire Eileen Murphy recently answered the community’s questions about teaching writing in the classroom.    

See these strategies

Reimagining grading

This lively discussion provides some insight into how teachers are changing up the way they grade to meet the demands of an uncertain year.   

Assess the unexpected

Question on student feedback

How do you handle right-before-the-due-date requests for feedback from students? Share your ideas in this discussion thread! 

Last-minute help

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