New school year, new us: OER Project website migration

New school year, new us: OER Project website migration

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The OER Project team has some exciting news to share — Big History Project (BHP) is on the move! As of June 22 at 9 am PDT, BHP has joined World History Project (WHP) on a unified platform. That’s right—as we continue to grow, we’re bringing both communities together into one big OER Project family!

So what does this mean for you? You now have access to both OER Project courses (WHP and BHP), blogs, and teacher communities using a single log-in. The OER Project website will be a one-stop shop where you can manage students and resources—accessing everything using a single username and password. And moving forward, you’ll have access to any new OER Project courses and features that are released along the way. How’s that for simplicity?

The remainder of this blog is dedicated to getting you up to speed on how to log in to the new platform, how to find several important features, and answering questions you might have about this process.

So, how will I log in?

Starting at 9 am PDT on June 22, how you log in to the new site for the first time will depend on how you registered for one of the OER Project courses. You’ll want to navigate to, and then follow the directions below that correspond to the course you use.

For Big History Project course users:

If you have both a Big History Project account and a World History Project account:

  • Users with the same email address for both accounts should log in with their WHP credentials. Done. Wasn’t that easy?
  • Users with different email addresses for each site should email for assistance in migrating their accounts over.

If you have a Big History Project account but not a World History Project account:

  • Navigate to the reset password page, reset your password and log in to the new site with your BHP credentials.

For World History Project course users:

  • If you are already registered for WHP, navigate to the login page and access the site with your WHP credentials.

OK—it’s after June 22 and I’m logged into the new OER Project site. Now what?

Things might look a little different from what you’re used to. Here’s a quick guide to help you get up to speed on our new unified website:

The OER Project site menu

BHP and WHP teachers will still have access to the same helpful features that enable them to select courses, manage classes, and access resources. And they’ll be able to access both the teacher community and OER Project blog from the site menu.

Setting up a class: Adding students to a BHP or WHP class has never been easier.

Professional development: Teaching Big History and Teaching World History, our free, online professional development courses, are accessible from the OER Project platform.

BHP Score: Don’t worry BHP teachers, you’ll still have access to BHP Score, our free, automatic essay-scoring tool.

The OER Project Teacher Community

Yammer, the original BHP Teacher Community site, will migrate to the existing OER Project Teacher Community during our website migration. These two OER Project teacher communities will now exist side by side under the same roof. Don’t worry – you’ll still have access to your favorite BHP threads and groups, as they’re coming over in the migration.

The OER Project blog

BHP and WHP blogs now live on the OER Project blog page.

I’ve got questions…

What’s the OER Project?

OER stands for open educational resources. The OER Project is our family of free, online courses that anyone can use. For more information, check out this blog post.

What’s WHP?

World History Project (WHP) is a world history course designed with high school students in mind. WHP is divided into two tracks so teachers can choose the one that best fits with their curriculum requirements. For more information about WHP, check out this blog post.

What’s BHP?

Big History Project (BHP) is a history course aimed at middle and high school students that lays the foundation for future historical thinking. BHP covers 13.8 billion years of history over the course of 10 units, ranging from the Big Bang and beginning of life, to evolution and human advancement, and concludes with a look at human innovation and where it might lead. Students develop strong reading, writing, and critical-thinking skills to understand the past and make predictions for the future.

Do I have to teach both courses?

Nope. Even as we move from two separate platforms onto one, you should continue using the course materials that work best for you and your classroom context.

Why are both courses migrating onto a single site?

We’ve grown since BHP was released. With the release of our new course, WHP, we felt it was time to unite everything in one OER Project family, on one site (

How do I log in to this new, unified website?

Starting on Monday, June 22, at 9:00 am PDT, navigate to, then enter your username and password information when prompted. Don’t forget, scheduled downtime is from Friday, June 19, at 3:00 pm PDT to Monday, June 22, at 9:00 am PDT, in order to get this new site up and running.

What if I have issues logging in?

If you are having trouble logging in, email us at for assistance.

What do teachers need to do before the migration?

  • Download all classroom rosters and BHP score reports from current or previous school years they wish to retain.

What if students are still submitting writing assignments?

  • If there are any in-progress BHP Score assignments that are not expected to be complete before this Friday, June 19th @ 3pm, teachers should:
    • Have their students save work offline before the site becomes unavailable this Friday, June 19th @ 3pm PST.
    • Then, when the site becomes available Monday, June 22nd at 9am, teachers should re-create classrooms, invite students and re-assign BHP Score Assignments in the new system.

How do I access the teacher community?

The OER Project Teacher Community will house both the WHP and BHP teacher communities, side by side. To access the community, simply head to after June 22. Your fellow OER Project teachers will be there to welcome you to our new-and-improved community experience!

How do I access the “student view” mode?

Simply click on the course of your choosing, then go to My Classes > View Class > Enter Student Mode. 

Do I have to move to the new community, or can I stay with Yammer?

Yammer will no longer support BHP conversations after June 22. To connect with other OER Project educators after that date, head over to using your OER Project log-in credentials.

What happens to “old” Yammer conversations after we migrate?

Your favorite groups and conversations from Yammer will be migrating to the OER teacher Project community. A few of our scarcely used groups and out-of-date conversations will be archived to better streamline content and improve your community experience. If you can’t find a conversation, reach out to for assistance.  

Can students see what’s in the teacher community?

It is important to us that the OER Project Teacher Community is a safe place for teachers and scholars to ask questions and share ideas. Community access is restricted to those with OER Project teacher log-ins.

I have another question that isn't listed here.

We’re here to help. Email us at

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