The OER Conference for Social Studies

The OER Conference for Social Studies

Join us August 5, 6, and 7 for a free, virtual conference to log PD hours and keep the learning going

Calling all K–12 social studies teachers! Have your summer professional development plans been canceled? Since the pandemic took hold, the OER Project team has been working to identify ways we can help students, educators, and schools continue to teach and learn, whether in or out of the classroom. As summer approached, we started hearing from state administrators that they were uncertain how to provide continuing education opportunities for teachers that were also relevant to the unknowns we’re facing. We decided to lend a hand. Let's keep the learning going this summer with the OC for Social Studies.

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We’ve been working with state education departments, expert educators, and scholars to put together an exciting, free, three-day virtual conference for all K–12 social studies teachers. You’ll have access to over 40 short videos, or “Track Talks” as we call them, created by experienced educators from across the country on a variety of topics. You’ll also be able to engage with other conference participants in moderated discussions covering topics across the social studies discipline. The topics (“tracks”) we chose for the conference have been designed to address many of the challenges facing education right now, and align with many state standards and grade levels. The tracks are:

  • Designing arguments with evidence
  • The power of narrative
  • Assessing historical thinking
  • Knowledge building in literacy
  • Why does history really matter?
  • Engaging conversations, online and off
  • Designing inquiry
  • Young citizens

Each day will include live discussions and a special daily keynote. We’ll be announcing our keynote speakers in the weeks to come, so stay tuned! And because the conference is online, videos will be viewable after the conference’s end so you can rewatch your favorites and check out others you may not have had the chance to see during the conference.

Now, about those logged hours. We’re identifying opportunities for conference attendees to earn clock hours on a state-by-state basis. This information is updated daily, along with instructions for eligible attendees to obtain credit. Visit the conference site (link below) frequently for the latest information.

More details on the OC for Social Studies can be found here.

While the pandemic might keep us from meeting in person, it doesn’t mean that we can’t reflect on the evolving needs and challenges within our community. Join us, and keep the learning going! 

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