Summer dreaming with the OER Project Community!

Summer dreaming with the OER Project Community!

By the OER Project Team

At last, the Sun is shining, the birds are singing, and summer is fast approaching (at least over here in the Northern Hemisphere). We find ourselves daydreaming about summer vacations and al fresco meals. Whether you’re looking forward to a long-awaited visit with family or friends, warm evenings grilling in your yard, or some time spent on the beach with a good book, we hope the upcoming months will provide some well-deserved moments of rest and relaxation. Recently, we asked our teachers and community members what they had planned for the summer, and now we’d like to share a few summertime highlights. Oh—if you didn’t have a chance to respond before, chime in now with a snapshot of your own favorite summer hang out below, and check out the original blog post here. Thanks for giving us a glimpse into your (sunny) corners of the world

At the very tippity-top of our list is a little body of water known as… Lake Superior. Michael Carman, thanks for sharing these beautiful photographs of Lake Superior and Tahquamenon Falls! We certainly wouldn’t mind spending a few days taking in those views.

 Left: View of a sickle-shaped beach amid coniferous trees. Right: A small waterfall in a pine forest.

And…play ball! We’re rooting for Rob Valenti’s family as they play and attend softball, soccer, and T-ball games throughout the summer. What a great way to bond and spend family time, cheering each other on!

A child prepares to swing at a baseball at an outdoor ballpark.
Todd Nussen shared with us his nostalgic summer plans, which include a visit to Long Beach, NY, where he once lived, and taking his family on a tour of New England. OER Project community members jumped in with their history-related New England recommendations, as well as a… Mystic[al] spot for ice cream.

Left: An 18th century-style sailing ship. Right: An underwater walking path through an aquarium.

Over in Australia, Hayden Brown is anticipating winter break. Hayden, thanks for sharing photos of your great adventures with friends and family from summers past. We can’t wait to be out traveling with our loved ones in the (fingers crossed) near future.

Left: Shrimp and sausages on a BBQ. Right: Two men and a child on a canoe among the mountains. 
Finally, we’re surprising one of our community members with a summer-themed gift! Devon Rose, your description of your upcoming trip to the North Carolina mountains made us all want to travel there immediately. It sounds like a fantastic trip, with great food and those incredible mountain views.

Purple flowers on a mountain side and a vast open sky.

Read on to hear about Devon’s dream vacation, and a special spot to visit in Asheville, NC.

OER Project: Tell us a little about your favorite summer destination. 

Devon Rose: My favorite summer destination is probably Asheville. Asheville is a really cool city in western North Carolina. There are a ton of local restaurants, breweries, and the Biltmore House is also located there. The Biltmore Gardens are beautiful during the spring and summer months. 

OER: How did you first discover this place, and what is it that keeps bringing you back? 

DR: My husband and I first went to Asheville for our one-year wedding anniversary and ever since, we make a point to visit every year. We love the food, touring different breweries, and getting out on the Blue Ridge Parkway. 

OER: What are some of the vacation activities you most look forward to? 

DR: When I’m on vacation, I look forward to eating new food, sightseeing, and, hopefully, relaxing!

OER: Describe your dream vacation.

DR: I have two possible dream vacations. One would be to go on a literary tour of the United Kingdom. Another would be going to Bora Bora and staying in one of those overwater bungalows. 

OER: Finally, do you have any vacation destination advice/recommendations for the OER Project Community? 

DR: My advice is to set yearly travel goals. Make a point to think about and discuss with your family where you’d like to visit, and then make it happen!

Woman posing with prize basket. Woman posing with contents of prize basket.

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Cover image: Pink flamingo at the Veliki Žali Beach, Dubravik, Croatia. Photo by Vicko Mozara on Unsplash. Public domain.