WHP Lesson 2: History Stories

History is often presented from one person’s viewpoint, which makes it seem like there is only one story to tell. In this video, we’ll discuss why relying on only one view of history can be problematic.

Driving Question: How might a single story be dangerous for history?

Word of the Day: Stereotype

  • A standardized (and usually oversimplified and inaccurate) conception—often about a specific group of people—held in common by many people.


  • Go to Lesson 1.0 and watch “The Danger of a Single Story”.
  • Think about the driving question while you watch, and consider the ways considering only one story could be problematic when studying history.

Historian’s Journal Prompt

  • Find two stories about COVID-19, either on social media or from different news outlets. Write about them in your journal, and reflect on the following questions:

Do these stories say the same thing, or do they contradict each other? Together, how do they give you a better understanding of COVID-19? Can trusting one story be dangerous for our society? Why or why not?