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Teaching Social Studies with Courage

October 27, 2021

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Within the current climate of unceasing change and physical distance, we are planning an inclusive conference where Social Studies educators and leaders from across our state can collaborate, learn, and join together using a digital platform. Similar to last year's conference, this platform will offer flexible accessibility for both presenters and attendees while also providing our CCSS community an opportunity to grow and progress together.

Reflecting on 2020 we recognize that it was a year filled with engagement and action, challenges and triumphs, movements and immense defeat. As educators, specifically social studies educators, we are called to provide students with the tools they need in order to research, reflect, and take informed action in our world. This year's fall conference builds upon where we have been and encourages us to create a world in which all students can learn and engage with informed civic action.

Join us October 27, 2021 as we explore how to teach Social Studies with courage and tenacity in a way that inspires all of our students!

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