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8:50AM  Welcome and School Recognition Tammy Waller

8:55AM  Keynote Dr. Peter Levine

9:40AM  Strengthening Civic Life in Arizona: Data, Dialogue, & Action Kristi Tate and Madison Rock
Vibrant civic life is paramount to moving forward on solving problems and building a bright future for Arizona. The Center for the Future of Arizona is working with the Arizona Center for Civic Leadership to measure progress, frame conversations, and prompt action by bringing organizations together statewide to strengthen civic life in our state. This session will explore findings from the Arizona Civic Health Progress Meters and newly released data from the CFA Gallup Arizona 2020 survey. It will feature discussion on how the data can catalyze action to improve Arizona’s civic life, with K-12 civic education as a key strategy.

10:25AM  Contemporary Civics Avery D. Xola, Joseph Pitts, and Sahara Sajjadi
We discuss Contemporary Civics through the lens of Student Engagement, Political Activism, and Voter Education. Each panelist will offer valuable insight into participating in elections and how that can have an impact on a community.

11:10AM  Young Citizens in the Classroom Amanda Straus, César Mitchell, Eric Burrows, and Wes Oswald
Hear from Arizona K-12 educators as civic actors in their own communities and how they embed civic learning within their classrooms and schools.

11:55PM  Closing and Next Steps Tara Bartlett

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