Big History Project Onboarding Session: June 13, 2023

Session date and time: June 13, 2023 3–5:00 p.m. PT

Big History Project is an interdisciplinary course aimed at middle and early high school students that takes on big questions that originate with the dawn of time and gives students a framework to tell the story of humanity’s place in the Universe. It asks students to consider where we came from, what causes change, and where we are heading. Students will still achieve many of the same outcomes of a middle or high school world history, world geography, or world civilizations course.

During this session, participants will understand what the Big History Project curriculum and community are and explore how it can strengthen their approach to world history instruction. Additionally, participants will learn how key course concepts, activities, and supports can be implemented in their classrooms. Thirty minutes will be provided at the end for participants to ask any questions they might have.


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