It’s almost time for the OER Conference for the Social Studies! You can prepare for all the fun of our three-day conference by joining in on the conversations already happening in our OC for SS discussion forum. Take a look at the threads down below, and we’ll see you in the comments!

Just Mercy Book Club  

It’s not too late to be a part of our virtual book club! Grab your copy of Just Mercy and join fellow teachers in unpacking this week’s driving questions in our asynchronous discussion.  

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Please don't call on me  

Looking for a Track Talk on how to increase organic student participation in your classroom? Watch Megan Schultz’s Please Don’t Call On Me, and then join fellow teachers in sharing your thoughts.  

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 Which Live Discussion session will be a must-see?  

You know your friends and colleagues best! Take a look at our upcoming OC for SS live sessions and let us know which one is a must-see for your inner circle.   

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