Vietnam War Divergent Question based on How I Wonder What You Are: Questions to Build Engagement - Nick Dennis | The OC for Social Studies

Good divergent essential questions are important.  You need to take the time to develop the questions and Nick Dennis is right you cannot answer complex questions in one lesson.  They are enjoyable and thought provoking to answer but can be hard to make!  For example I am trying to think of a question so I googled divergent questions.  I found this: I will look at the Vietnam War.  Was the Vietnam war worth fighting for?  I know there is a difference of opinion on this and people can come to different conclusions. some think that it was necessary and the spread of communism (Domino Theory) was a threat to us while others thought it was more of a local nationalist occurence and we should not have gotten involved.

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  • I appreciate this Tuyen Tran.  I can see that you have a Vietnamese last name.  I would like to teach about Vietnam.  I was able to learn about the May 4th shootings at Kent State as it is nearby and am interested to learn more and teach it too!  Good questions bring out thinking and reflection and are important in facilitating engagement, discussion and learning!