How to be the GOAT at Evidence and Reasoning

I highly recommend you watch Nate Otey's video on evidence and reasoning.  His 'triangle' concept for teaching students how to link evidence and arguments is the missing link for my classroom lessons on claim testing and essay writing. It's a simple visual that helps students explain how their evidence proves the argument they are making. Best 8 minutes of PD I've watched this year!

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  •  thanks for pointing this one out.  This is an absolute game changer for teaching students how to tackle Claims, Evidence, and Reasoning.  The reasoning piece has been so difficult for our 6th…

  • I’m planning now how I’m going to use it in my lessons- let me know how you go.

  • I just made a post about the video also.  The simplicity is what makes it so great.  As a Bears fan I plan to leave the Tom Brady examples out. 

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