OC for SS After Party // Keynote by Bryan Stevenson // 08-03-2021

The work of Bryan Stevenson and the Equal Justice Initiative on educating the public about ending mass incarceration and achieving equality, justice, and fairness for all Americans is inspirational. What was your biggest takeaway after watching Bryan Stevenson’s keynote address? Please post your comments and questions below as we continue this important conversation! 

Top Replies

  • It came me as Mr Stevenson was speaking and after a comment someone had made about primary sources that primary sources are a way of creating proximity with people from the past, people with different…

  • As I prepare for my first time teaching American History at the high school level, I am tremendously grateful for the takeaway of presenting the difficult truths of our history with the underpinning of…

  • I really liked his point on making sure people know that we are not punishing or hating the USA through our commitment for truth and reconciling with out history. Instead, we are simply determined to pursue…

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