OC for SS After Party // Young Citizens Live Discussion // 08-03-2021

There’s nothing more fulfilling than seeing our students develop into engaged citizens! What are some of the resources you use to teach civic engagement to your young learners? How can you incorporate civic engagement into an ancient world history course? Let's build upon the Live Discussion by Nate Bowling, Linda Becker and Mimi Craft by on developing young citizens in the comments below! 

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  • I teach 3rd grade and was gratified to see how many of the concepts discussed here intersect with concepts and approaches I can/do use in my classroom. 

  • I'm still hung up on these new laws to prevent discussion of critical subjects.  I know I'm going to have to prepare myself to answer questions from parents who have fallen victim of this wave of anti…

  • First and foremost, our students are going to be coming off a two year layoff. If we were high-level athletes that took two years off and then jumped into the gym in earnest, we would get sore and it would…

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