OC for SS After Party // Assessing Historical Thinking Live Discussion // 08-04-2021

We hope you found the Assessing Historical Thinking Live Discussion to be an engaging conversation. How can you extend this discussion to help other teachers with assessing historical thinking? Post your comments and questions below. 

Top Replies

  • Now that our PLC has developed inquiry-based units of study for US History in Grade 8, I think the next logical step is to evaluate our formative & summative assessments (including supports & rubrics)…

  • I am wondering how many people use Knowing What Students Know: The Science and Design of Educational Assessment as a research base for the development of assessments? Is this something that folks were…

  • At times I feel constrained on how to assess historical thinking because I want to ensure that students are able to do well on their SOL end of year testing, which is heavily based on factual knowledge…

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