OC for SS After Party // Really Current Events Live Discussion // 08-05-2021

We hope you enjoyed the Really Current Events Live Discussion session. How do you plan to take what you learned during the session and apply it in your classroom?  Post your takeaways and questions from the session in the comments below. Let’s keep this conversation going! 

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  • I really loved the ideas that were presented in this talk. I have only been teaching for 6 years so I still get really nervous when bringing up current events. I never know how my students will react and…

  • I typed up some of the questions and Walter's answers in the Q&A pod to share:

    1. What are some actionable strategies for having conversations about race, vaccines, etc. in places — especially public…
  • I'd like to know about the reading response formats Walter was referring to. Does anyone have a good source for thia?

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