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Surprising Connections: An Orange and Kindness

Jane Moore
Founder of Moore Actions - Professional Development for Teachers
Fernandina Beach, FL

Make social studies come alive through stories and objects! We can create connections, cultivate creativity and provide multiple meanings while increasing literacy...

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Watch the track talk so that you understand I am not being unkind with my subject line.  Thank you Ms. Moore for sharing this story with us.  After watching this video I  have two questions.  How do you approach Holocaust education and separately, what objects do you use to engage your students in that material you are teaching? 
My answers to my questions are as follows.  After participating in a TOLI seminar in New York I try to focus on personal accounts of the Holocaust.  I have some pieces of the Berlin wall that i love to share and a slough of pictures.  Also I like to bring home map puzzles in the languages of the international places I visit.

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  • Hey Jennifer- I love Echoes and Reflections and IWitness and have trained teachers using these wonderful, easy- use to use products.  I was featured in IWitness on May 11 2015- and while I was looking for the exact date I saw you were featured too- in October. Wow!!  I first heard about them in a training on the Holocaust at the Breman Museum in Atlanta.   Yes- this is so important, now.  Please tell me when your talk is and I will attend!!

    Happy Friday-