Drinking from a Fire Hydrant

Congrats  for the success of your students! I like the steps you laid out for having difficult conversations in the class and then how you get your kids to become content creators. I'm looking forward to hearing more from you in tomorrow's panel discussion!

  • Still have students in the building, but this looks great. I think, especially with social media and the easy access they have to violent imagery, we need to really think about how we address (and not ignore) violence. I work with students with severe trauma, behavioral needs etc. and this is certainly a topic that hits close to home. 

  • I was really moved by the title...Most media nowadays is like being blasted in the face with both real and engineered media posts and it can be hard for developing brains to dissect and evaluate.  I agree that we do need to address it and that it can be done with care and thoughtfulness.  Thank you for your ideas!