A thought provoking talk!  To take current events you could present the January insurrection and the white people broaching and entering congress and contrast that with the heavy police presence last year when there were the BLM protests.  Present the situation and ask them is this fair or just wait for them to say it first!  Next question why is this unfair?  This will get them thinking.  Finally they could consider who has the power?, What can we do?, and What should we do if we want to change that [within the constraints of our constitutional system].  The teacher can supply extra information and this with the conversation will serve as a powerful form of civic education!  Or you look at a historical event such as the Vietnam war and soliders who are not old enough to fight having to go off and fight but cannot vote yet!  Why is this unfair?  What should be done to change this?  Then you could look at what happened from the vantage point of the present!