OC for SS Community Digest // 07-22-2022

The OER Conference for the Social Studies may not begin until August 3, but we’re already having fun! Our OC for SS community discussion forum is filling up with conversations about teaching and Track Talks—the only thing that’s missing is you! Take a look at some of the discussion threads down below, and then join the conversation with educators from around the globe.

screenshot of what brings you to OC for SS 2022 discussion board


What brings you to the OC for SS? Is it the keynote speakers? The collaboration with other educators? Are you seeking inspiration for the upcoming school year? Or is it, yes, the clock hours? Whatever the reason, we’re happy you’re here! 

 What brings you to the 2022 OER Conference for Social Studies? 

screenshot of why learn history book club discussion

Why Learn History Book Club  

Our asynchronous OC for SS Book Club is flying through the pages! Grab your copy of Why Learn History (When It’s Already on Your Phone) by keynote speaker Sam Wineburg, and then join us in examining Part 2 of the book. We have a new set of questions for you to consider this week as you reflect upon what it means to be a history teacher in 2022. 

OC for SS Book Club 

We’ll have another update for you next week! And remember, any conference is better with company. Please
invite any friends and colleagues you think might benefit from the vital discussions at this year’s OC for SS to register now.