OC for SS Community Digest // 07-27-2022

Take it from teacher Anne Koschmider when she says, “My favorite kind of PD provides strategies that I can readily integrate into my classroom instruction. Getting inspiration from the OC for SS Track Talks is a great way to ‘freshen up’ my lessons!” 

Prepare for all the fun of our two-day conference by joining in on the conversations already happening in the OC for SS discussion forum. Take a look at the threads down below, and have your own say! 

All Aboard! (the PD train, that is) 

The Track Talks are here! Take some time to watch these short five to fifteen minute professional development videos before the conference begins. We’re excited to help you get on track for a great school year! 

 Watch the Track Talks 

screenshot of OC for SS track talks on assessing historical thinking

“How Do We Know What We Know?”

Sixth-grade teacher Crissy Calera offers a powerful (and simple!) way to help students determine the difference between fact and fiction. Her track talk focuses on the question, "How do we know what we know?"

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screenshot of Sixth grade teacher Crissy Calera track talk

Classroom Prep 

At the OC for SS, we welcome teachers from all over! Some teachers have another month (or more!) remaining in their summer break, while others are currently preparing their classrooms for students to arrive. Pop into this conversation and let us know what you’re looking forward to this year. 

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screenshot of oc for ss discussion board

We’ll have another update for you on Friday! And remember, any conference is better with company. Please invite any friends and colleagues you think might benefit from the vital discussions at this year’s OC for SS to register now.