Swimming in the Inquiry Pool: From the Shallow End to the Deep End

Hayden Brown Humanities Teacher
Perth, Australia
Twitter: @Brown2Hayden

History and Humanities teacher Hayden Brown is passionate about using inquiry as a central focus of his teaching. In this talk, he will describe different approaches to project-based learning and how you can decide what will work best for all your students. Whether you are new to inquiry or just want a fresh approach, Hayden will share some best practices and easy tips to make project-based learning work in your classroom no matter students’ needs.

Hayden Brown is a Humanities, Big History, Modern History teacher in Western Australia. Halls Head College in the Peel region of Western Australia, where he is working as part of the Humanities team to combine virtual reality film making, Aboriginal perspectives and Big History skills with the WA curriculum requirements of the teaching program. Over the last 6 years Hayden has supported teachers globally to implement The Big History Project in their own schools as well as taking part in pilot programs and development projects with Gates Ventures, to improve and expand the Big History Project course.

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