Using Inquiry to Increase Engagement: From Theory to Practice

Mike Skomba Lead Learner of History (Teacher)
Somerville NJ

Twitter: @mr_skomba

When a classroom strikes the right balance of skill-building and question-asking, historical inquiry drives high levels of student engagement. This talk discusses the theory behind the best practices around being a Lead Learner who builds skills and electrifies questions.

Mike Skomba has been teaching high school history for eleven years. He taught on the Navajo Nation before returning to his alma mater Somerville High School (NJ) in 2011. He teaches World History, Big History, and the Climate Project. He was named the 2018 Somerset County Teacher of the Year, 2020 NHSSCA Strength Coach of the Year, and was awarded the Neville-Pribram Fellowship in 2019. He is a big of both books and barbells.

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