OC for SS After Party // Keynote by Bakari Sellers // 08-03-2022

In his books, Bakari Sellers strives to have people reimagine what America looks like to be more inclusive, seeing and acknowledging the richness of cultures.  

What was your biggest takeaway after watching Bakari Seller’s keynote address? Please post your comments and questions below as we continue this important conversation! 

Top Replies

  • The two framing questions, How far have we come?  Where do we go from here?  both serve as a useful springboard for young learners as they begin the academic year.

  • How far have we come and where are we going? Two essential questions that Mr. Sellers asked us to reflect on as we begin our school year. What was presented will better my instruction because I was inspired…

  • Our founding documents are imperfect, just like we are. We can be aspirational as part of the process to make it a more perfect union in which people do have life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness…

  • The two framing questions about how far we have come and where do we go from here. As well as the need to encourage students to run for offices especially the legislative process where ever decision are being made about them, get involved to make sure your voice is heard! 

  • Where are we going?  How do weget there in meaningful and impactful ways that encompass respect and truth?  "We cannot change history but we can change our perspective for a more inclusive future." This was a wonderful day of information and discussion! 

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