OC for SS After Party // Keynote Danielle Allen in conversation with Angela Williams-Pitkonen // 08-04-2022

The work Danielle Allen has done with the Democratic Knowledge Project to help educators provide the skills necessary for students to succeed in operating their democracy is inspiring and an excellent topic to be considering as we prepare to return to the classroom. 

What was your biggest takeaway after listening to the conversation between Angela and Danielle?  

Leave a comment below on how you will use the information from her keynote address to prepare for this upcoming school year! 

Top Replies

  • The single most important thing we can do for our young people is to give them access to their civic identity and help them to have the tools to shape their own civic story. We can do this by sharing our civic identity, what is our motivation, and encouraging them to find their civic story. Democracy is participatory and our work to provide them with the tools and roadmap, with understandings of steps to get a response that makes it feel real and that it can work for ALL our students, is our charge.

    When we have difficult interactions with others, instead of trying to find a solution or always be right (having to do with power and control), start with building a relationship. And it’s best if we can start with a relationship BEFORE we get to a contentious issue. This resonates with the work I have done to build in Restorative Practices in which I aim for 80% of time spent on relationship building proactively to yield no more than 20% reacting (or transacting). www.iirp.edu/.../what-is-restorative-practices

  •  Thank you for sharing your thoughtful observations.  

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