OC for SS After Party // Taking Informed Action // 08-03-2022

The Taking Informed Action Live Discussion highlighted the importance of providing opportunities for students to take informed action on issues in the world today through persuasive writing. How do you plan to take what you learned during the session and apply it in your classroom?  Post your takeaways and questions from the session in the comments below. 

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  • Here are the Sentence Starters shared in the chat:

    Respectfully disagree…because…/Respectfully agree…because…

    I appreciate what ­­­________ has brought to the conversation;…

  • Modeling to our students and to our community Civic friendship and Civic discourse that is my biggest takeaway. I am in a small rural school and everybody knows everybody so practice what you preach.

  • Thank you! I captured these and will for sure use them. Great for validation and teaching listening skills.

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