OC for SS After Party // Keynote Sam Wineburg in conversation with Bob Bain // 08-04-2022

Sam Wineburg reminded us of the importance of helping students evaluate the reliability of digital information in order to accurately interpret the work of historians. 

How will you apply what you learned from Sam’s keynote address to your teaching this year?  

Please post your comments and questions below as we continue this important conversation! 

Top Replies

  • With respect for our presenters I was a little disappointed with Dr. Wineburg introducing the topic of the Big Lie and Stop the Steal but then his pivot to the fact that it isn't his area of expertise and…

  • I am guilty of using Myth #3 with my students CRAAP! I need to create a whole new approach to teaching this topic of determining reliable sources! So much to think about! Loved when Sam said we are teaching…

  • Perhaps point them to the many lawsuits that were unilaterally shut down? Most of my immediate family believes the election was stolen, and since I don't live in the US, I had to investigate on my own…

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