Create the context, put students in the center

These were my big take aways from watching this talk.

I like how "literacy" was not just about reading. If we want to immerse students so they are the center and powerhouses of their own learning, then we need to provide all kinds of ways to help them understand and identify with the content. Visual and auditory resources help tremoundously with creating context, and allowing the students get into deeper and more diverse layers of social events, people, and eras in history.

Is this what you got out of this talk? What else would you add to my response or take away from your viewing?

  •   , I completely agree with your key takeaways on Joe Adragna's track talk. One thing that stuck with me is helping students create an emotional connection to history through the use of different frames and perspectives. Having that type of connection is what really allows students to have a deeper understanding of the past.