Beyond The Classroom: The Power of Public History in High School Education

Gregory Garcia, 2021 Oregon History Teacher of the Year
Portland, OR
Twitter: @koa_mano

Push the limits of K-12 instruction with Mr. Garcia's Public History Project. Learn how students take informed action by designing their own historical narrative on a topic of their choice, fabricating their narrative using cutting-edge Makerspace technology, and leaving their own legacy on History through research partnerships with museums across the country. Convert your school into a museum and build life-changing memories for your students with this award winning project!

Gregory J.K. García teaches Advanced Placement U.S. History at Franklin High School in Portland, Oregon. As a Public Historian, García has also designed exhibits across the state of Oregon including the Oregon State Capitol Building, the Oregon Historical Society, and the Willamette Heritage Center. As a teacher, García’s favorite unit is his Public History Project wherein students convert the Franklin campus into a museum with originally curated exhibits for the public to visit. Some student research is later archived at museums across the Pacific Northwest including the Oregon Historical Society and the Museum of Popular Culture.

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