Good Cop, Bad Cop - Alisa Harvey

Can a person be a hero and a villain? What’s the hidden story? How can we help our students embrace complexity and gain understanding? In this video, a teacher uses her own family history to explore police brutality, institutional racism, and the power of narrative.


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  • This talk pairs so well with the idea of the danger of a single story. I love the idea that history is a verb, not a noun, because we must teach our students to DO history. Alisa’s message to students that “story” is the foundation of “history” is a powerful reminder to continue to question whose voice isn’t being heard. 

  • , I love the idea of pairing this with The Danger of a Single Story. Remembering whose story is not being included is such an important skill for students as the learn to see the big picture.  Ane Lintvedt's Talk on The Other 99% is another reminder to help students look at history from multiple perspectives. 

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