World History Project AP® Onboarding Session

Session Time: June 15, 2022, 3 to 4:30 p.m. PT

World History Project AP® is an upcoming free and comprehensive course that covers all skills and content needed for students to be successful on the AP® World History: Modern exam. Launching Summer 2022, teachers can preview Unit 1 of the course right now and connect with other AP® World History: Modern teachers in the OER Project Online Teacher Community.

In this session we will use the Unit 1 preview to take a deep dive into teaching the new course. Participants can expect to see demonstrations of how WHP AP® units and lessons are aligned to the AP® CED; participate in a walkthrough of the historical thinking skills and reasoning processes included in this unit; and be given the opportunity to ask questions to OER Project team members.


Important: This session's content does not overlap with the Information Sessions we are also holding throughout the spring and summer. If this is your first time hearing about WHP AP®, you may want to check out a recording of one of those sessions to help orient yourself.

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