World History Project AP®︎ Information Session

Session recorded: 3/10/2022

The World History Project is a global history course aimed at tenth-grade students that provides a cohesive approach to learning and understanding the history of the world. In this course, you and your students will explore the transformations that created our modern world, beginning in the long nineteenth century and ending in our present moment. This course will help students learn how to use stories about our connected human past to orient themselves to their present moment and prepare for the future. We are going to cover a lot of ground (and almost 300 years), but this course is not a typical march-through-time history class that covers one thing after another. Rather, WHP uses a set of overarching inquiry problems and narrative frames, situated at a variety of scales, to organize and facilitate teaching and learning.

During this session, participants will understand what the World History Project curriculum and community are and explore how it can strengthen their approach to world history instruction. Additionally, participants will learn how key course concepts, activities, and supports can be implemented in their classrooms.