Western States Civics Coalition Series Recordings

Support for Civics Education and Rekindling our Civic Culture - February 23, 2023
Kicking off our Spring series, John Snoad from Sphere Education Initiatives joined us to discuss strategies for rekindling civic culture. Sphere is a non-partisan initiative created out of concern for the increasing polarization and restrictions on student free speech in America’s schools.

Teaching Tribal Sovereignty - November 16, 2022
Today there are 574 federally recognized tribes in the United States. Tribal sovereignty is a rich, present, and dynamic topic for the civics classroom. So how should teachers go about incorporating tribal sovereignty into their civics instruction?Hanford McCloud, David J. O'Connor, Elena Aguilar, and Willie Frank III lead the discussion.

Teaching Civic Participation - September 22, 2022
Teachers, state and local officials, and recent students discuss their perspectives and suggestions for teaching about the impact of voting across federal, state and local elections. Led by Tammy Waller.

Moving Beyond the Textbook: Engaging Students in Simulations of Democratic Processes and Procedures - April 28, 2022
Natacha Scott, the Director of Educator Engagement for iCivics presents this interactive session exploring approaches and resources that deepen student understanding of democratic processes and procedures.

What Kind of Citizen? Engaging Students in Inquiry to Informed Action - March 24, 2022
Join Mary Ellen Daneels and explore how to enhance your current practice to equip students to be responsible, participatory and justice-oriented members of their community. Walk away with strategies and resources that center student voice.

A Republic If We Can Keep It - Civil Discourse in Our Classrooms - February 24, 2022 
Author and Educator Joe Schmidt helps us support civil discourse in the classroom and leave with the tools necessary to address contemporary and historical issues that are too important to avoid.

Educating for American Democracy Roadmap with Tammy Waller - January 27, 2022
Tammy Waller from the Arizona Department of Education shares recommended approaches to learning civics through The Educating for American Democracy (EAD) Roadmap.


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