February Community Highlights

February Community Highlights

By the OER Project Team

Here’s to hoping this monthly update with tips, tricks, and other advice from the OER Project Teacher Community gives you a little extra inspiration as you head into February. Read on for a cute post about pets; tips for teaching contextualization; a vocabulary scavenger hunt; and plenty more you can use with your students today!

Vocabulary scavenger hunt

Enjoy this fantastic idea from an experienced teacher on how students can transfer their understanding of BHP vocabulary to the real world, complete with a few examples you can use right now to get started.

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How do you maintain the BHP narrative?

How do you balance the content in BHP with the overall narrative that students have been learning up to this point? Experienced OER Project teachers share advice and activities in this popular conversation.

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Cool Padlet ideas

The teacher community has seen a lot of ideas on online resources to make learning during the pandemic a little easier. Here’s a conversation with some pro tips about using Padlet, one such resource, with your class. 

Get organized

How do you use WHP activities to teach contextualization?

Here, have some expert insights and ideas on the concept of contextualization in world history. If any of them peak your curiosity, feel free to chime in and add your two cents! 

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It’s a fun day at the ‘pawfice’ – share a snapshot of your pet

Pictures of pets, shared by members of the Community, bring the perfect amount of levity to a challenging winter. From some quality doggy side-eye, to a pair of highly refined catfish, you’re sure to feel real fuzzy feelings. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to check out the accompanying blog post.

See Spot run

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  • These community highlights are great and really help me make sure I didn't miss some of the more popular topics being talked about.  Sometimes I might miss something in the shuffle but this update certainly helps clue me into what is being talked about.  Thanks.