May Community Highlights

May Community Highlights

As you start to ramp up for the final weeks of the school year, a great place to turn to for fresh ideas is the OER Project teacher community. Whether you’re a frequent flyer in this free online space or you’re just checking things out for the first time, these discussions are sure to give you some new ideas for your classroom. Take a look at these popular May discussions to help get you started:

Mentor Monday

A 10-year veteran of the profession with experience teaching both BHP and WHP, Megan Schultz has plenty of wisdom you don’t want to miss. Tune into her discussion on classroom debates. 

Bring on the argument 

Using Photographs in WHP

Photographs allow students to see history with their own eyes. Here are some tips from the community for incorporating images into your lessons. 

Worth a thousand words 

Handling Humans Rights Violations

Genocide is a tough but necessary part of any world history curriculum. This activity allows students to bring some creativity to these difficult, sensitive topics. 

Honor history 

Spring Fever

Herding cats is hard. Herding cats during a pandemic in springtime is harder! Explore ideas on helping students stay focused in spite of shifting schedules during one of the busiest times of the school year. 

Keep the focus 

What Would You Do?

Join the conversation on teaching your students empathy with these ideas from fellow OER Project teachers. 

Take action

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