Take a trip down memory lane!

Take a trip down memory lane!

By the OER Project Team

With the start of the school year quickly approaching—or, for some, already in full swing—we thought it would be fun to look back on your first years of teaching. We reached out to you and you certainly delivered, sharing photos of your first-ever school ID cards, wacky history-themed costumes, scavenger hunts, and ancient technologies like…the chalkboard! Thank you, everyone, for joining us on this trip down memory lane.

As always, we’ve got some awards to present. If you’d like to see the full lineup of contributions or add your own blast from the past, check out the original post here.

The award for Most Fun (and Messiest!) Throwback goes to Woodrow Boyles, who got a pie right in the face—what a way to sum up a hectic, fun first year of teaching.

The If It Ain’t Broke… award is presented to Tim Miller, who still uses his trusty chalkboard! The award for Best Use of Costumes goes to Curt Greeley, whose students dressed up in medieval finery for a history-themed meal! An honorable mention goes out to that fantastic cotton ball beard.

The Most Awe- (and Jealousy-) Inducing Photo award goes to Eric Schulz, who shared a picture of the beautiful location of his first teaching orientation, Camp Wyoming. What a place to get your footing!

And finally, we’re presenting teacher contributor Teresa Laudo with a special gift to say thank you for being a part of the OER Project Community. Teresa shared a photo of ye olde overhead projector—remember transparencies?! Read on to hear Teresa’s tips for new teachers and the innovation that has made the greatest impact on her teaching.

 OER Project: How long have you been teaching?

Teresa Laudo: I have been teaching for 24 years.

OER Project: Over the years, what innovation has had the greatest impact on your teaching?

TL: One to one technology (laptops) has transformed teaching. As social studies teachers, we have so many more online resources at our disposal, which helps engage learners.

OER Project: If you could turn back time, is there anything you would bring back to the classroom that has been lost, due to technological advances?

TL :There is time and place for “old school” learning. Sometimes paper and pencil are your best option.

OER Project: What tips do you have for all the teachers who are new to teaching?

TL: Two great tips for new teachers are to not be so hard on yourself and don’t sweat the small stuff! Learning takes time, and that first year you will learn a lot! Take time to talk to other teachers if you are struggling. Sometimes they’ll have an easy solution that you never thought about. You’re not alone!

OER Project: Is there anything else you want to share with teachers at this time?  

TL: Be curious, learn something new, and take the path less traveled. These things have helped me to grow as an educator and this mindset flows into your classroom. Soon your students will be curious too.

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Header imagePhoto by Belinda Fewings on Unsplash