WHP: Now Available on Khan Academy!

WHP: Now Available on Khan Academy!

WHP Team

We’ve got some exciting news! You can now find a version of the World History Project Origins course on Khan Academy. Before you dive in, we want to say something up front: WHP was designed for classrooms run by teachers. At the OER Project, we believe firmly that education is intended to happen in a classroom, with educators like you leading the way. But we recognize that there are times—such as now—when we must find ways to accommodate learners in increasingly diverse environments. We had always planned to host a version of the course on Khan Academy, one geared toward solo learners. However, when it became clear that the majority of learning would become virtual—for an unknown period of time—due to the impact of COVID-19, we accelerated our efforts to move our materials to Khan Academy’s platform.

What you see now is a beta release of WHP on Khan Academy. What do we mean? Simply that we are actively reviewing and implementing feedback, so look for continued additions and improvements. The Origins course is available on Khan Academy now; we are working on making the 1750 course available over the summer. Right now, you’ll find WHP articles and videos—all accompanied by our Three Close Reads approach—and practice questions. Go check it out!

And if you’re wondering whether you should turn to Khan Academy or use the World History Project website, here’s a quick way to make your choice:

  • If you are a teacher who is doing remote teaching with your class, we’d recommend continuing to use oerproject.com.
  • If you are a teacher or parent looking for a place to send a student to do learning on their own, send them over to Khan and also make sure to point them to WHP with Wood Boyles.

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  • I am glad for Khan Academy. Recently I read something about how Elon Musk supported the school. Khan Academy helped when I was still studying. This partnership will surely going places. Looking forward! Thanks for all the information you always share with us. Regards.

    Sam | roof installation

  • Hello-I got a new Social Studies job this year at an international school in Cali Colombia.  I found the OER project as I was researching the curriculum I had to develop.  I have found the classes on Khan Academy, both the origins and 1750.  As a student, I can view both classes, but as a teacher, I am unable to assign 1750 as a class to my 9th graders.  Not sure if it is my thing or a Khan Academy issue.  Thanks for all the great resources!!!  I fell in love with the course and want to use it in our virtual setting.