Assessing Historical Thinking with One Crucial Question

Crissy CaleraGrade 6 Humanities Teacher
United Arab Emirates

In a world with so much information right at our fingertips, how are young people meant to discern between fact and fiction? This talk gives a good jumping off point: by asking young people to challenge information with the question “How do we know what we know?” By encouraging students to engage with truths in a critical way, we are empowering them to be independent thinkers who get to the root of what can and can’t be trusted.

Crissy Calera originates from the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas. She has been teaching for 11 years, most of that time overseas in the United Arab Emirates. Currently, Crissy teaches 6th grade Humanities at the American Community School of Abu Dhabi. Her passions include reading, writing, traveling, and teaching, specifically empowering young people to be positive change makers in the world.

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