LET THE SUN SHINE IN: Expanding literacy through Auditory and Visual learning.

Joe Adragna, History Teacher
Covington, Louisiana

Educators have long seen literacy as synonymous with reading literacy; however, visual and auditory sources can be just as valid and educational as textual sources. When used together, these sources can be powerful tools in helping our students expand their literacy skills (and, in turn, their learning). In this track talk, educator Joe Adragna discusses the use of the documentary Summer of Soul (or How The Revolution Will Not Be Televised) in order to expand student understanding that goes beyond “just text”.

Joseph has been an educator for over 20 years teaching social studies and English. He has co-authored articles such as “Using the Power of Music to Support Students’ Understanding of Fascism” in Social Studies Research and Practice and “‘From a Vibrant City to a Warzone’: Shostakovich’s 7th Symphony as a means to foster historical understanding through empathy” in the Journal of Social Studies Research. Adragna has also won several awards including the Gilder Lehrman Teacher of the Year for the state of Louisiana. He is passionate about using music in the classroom to engage students in historical thinking.

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