• Lean and assist/help each other to learn from and not become "the enemy within" come to llfe. I took this from a very old episode from the "Star TreK'' series from the late 1960s in which the Kirk character's humanity is split into two seperate beings.  Havoc is wrecked onboard the ship indeed but in the end Dr. McCoy and Mr. Spock help him to become his old self.

  • That we both used and will use our talents in order to help them.  And yes we need to create safe spaces online for our students as well.  Manslow's Hiearchy of Needs also shows up in early childhood studies as well.  Joy Bunn my Early Child hood teacher really worked me on this plus other things to help  me and others to work with the llttle ones better.  Sorry about your dad. I can tell you admired him a lot.  Empathy will assist all of us to become better teachers and our students to become community activists who will finally be allowed and to also allow themselves to help America/the world change.  And also Nate you do indeed work with american students and students who speak many languages. Pod Casts are excellent and you can indeed  slow them  down so that students can understand things better on the information is being created. We are curators, creators,we can locate resources that are wonderful for our students to learn from.   But at the end of the day you use your own talents and abilities in order to pull these things together to enrich your classroom.

  • Nate I lost my parents years ago and have a feeling that e both used our talents as history teachers to empower them. My class is a safe space as well.

  • John sorry that I thought you were a teacher. As a writer and a very good one at that you have a wonderful focus on what you are(a writer) and your audience(people who have had some of the same things to go through that you experienced.   Nate you are a scholar of color and remind me of many of my history major classmates at NCCU; funny,smart and someone who really loves his students and what he is doing for a living. You have the gift of learning.

  • Nate once again I get you. The United Arab Emerants is a  country led by royals who have been charge for thousands of years with those on top being treated as the best. The students are well cared for and are expected to do well. On the other hand the students in America despite the Civil Rights Movement have parents who were not taught how in some cases to raise them to strive for the best due to drugs, a lack of jobs and the older black and brown community members who died off by the late 1990s. Couple this with these students being ignored in class by teachers who have no stake or even do not care about them completing their studies.  Remote learning was not carefully prepared for.  And with the COVID 19 Virus along with learning disabilities that some of these kids have followed by jobs lost and thousands of people dying from COVID has led to this moment. Politics is also a concern as well.