• They see us as an "outside-er" because they are not around us after 3:00 in the afternoon,some of them are really not interested in World/Ancient History or even some aspects of voting. However the murders of several young people of color,a mom who was murdered at an anti racists march in Charlottesville,VA they woke up with many of their peers of color already "woke".  This is my take.   Also with the mental health concerns of Mr. Greene,his willingness to get help and fight back against the disease that it is by writing about it in order to assist his students and other teens in working through this. Mr. Green you are gifted and should have been at least a counselor on the high school level rather than a history teacher perhaps even being a psycho-historian.  Nate having two brothers I get you a lot. Being their sister has made me stronger along with many ale history majors of color who became like big brothers when I was a freshman in college.

  • I'm curious. So many kids show us an "outside" that doesn't always match the "inside". What are some atypical behaviors that you are willing to allow in your classroom as a bridge to the inside of some of your students?

  • This conversation was so passionate and real. The sharing of vulnerabilities is so important for teachers to make connections with students. After watching the conversation between Nate Bowling and John Green, it got me to thinking about how important it is to keep the learning authentic., especially now with teaching at a distance.  What are some ways in which you plan to ensure learning remains authentic and useful to your students while teachig remotely?