The Power of an Untold Story - Sue Metzler

Get your students thinking, analyzing documents, and connecting narratives to their own lives. This video gives three examples of how seeking out and teaching untold stories in US history can engage and connect students to the curriculum: an IDM (Inquiry Design Model) on the Great Migration, a forum on the Japanese American Incarceration, and a mini-document study on the emergence of the Black Power movement.

  • As we scale-switch back and forth through the curriculum of the OER projects, keep in mind ANYTHING from Sue Metzler for your moments of zooming in. She is an amazing, thoughtful, and thorough educator. Her HS courses could easily be taught at university, but she is accessible at all levels of student learning.

    She also is a civics guru and teaches economics too.

    If anyone wants to reach her directly, I have contact information for her.