WHP Lesson 1: History of You

This video introduces the World History Project course and your host, Wood Boyles. You’ll be given a driving question to explore, a word of the day to think about, and video to watch. Finally, you’ll make your first entry in your historian’s journal.

Driving Question: How are you part of history?

  • Do you ever think history is just about the past? Well, it’s never been more clear that we are in the middle of making history right now. Remember that you are a part of that process—a very important part!

Word of the Day: Scale

  • When we zoom in and out we’re changing scale: the degree of magnification, or perspective, used to measure time, space, and size.

Historian’s Journal Video

Watch this video to learn more about what a historian’s journal is... and what it isn’t!

Historian’s Journal Prompt

  • Today, take some time to document how your life has changed as a result of the COVID-19 global outbreak. You are a part of history, and it’s important to document your own experiences for future historians.
  • What are the top three things you would write about yourself and how you are personally responding to COVID-19?