NCDPI: Comparison

Comparison is a skill that students learn from a very young age, but comparing historical events and processes is far more complicated than comparing apples and oranges. Helping students understand the historical thinking practice of comparison will help them grapple with various historical events. Being able to describe, compare, and contrast events in the same era or across periods is vital to a student’s greater understanding of history. Do not miss out on your chance to learn a few techniques for engaging in activities that will support your students’ acquisition of this skill.

About North Carolina Department of Public Instruction & OER Project Professional Development Series

North Carolina schools leadership and OER Project believe that teachers are the key to providing students with the skills and knowledge necessary to lead our country into the future. In that spirit, we are collaborating to provide a series of workshops for teachers looking to add a few new tools to their toolbox. Developing students’ skills in any social studies classroom is imperative for understanding the content. These sessions will dive deep into a particular skill and leave you with ideas and tools that can be implemented immediately in your classroom. OER Project team members will work with North Carolina schools to design each session with your needs in mind. We are excited to begin this partnership and look forward to learning together throughout the school year.

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