NCDPI: Historical Inquiry

Recorded September 5, 2023

Doing the work of a historian takes skilled thinking and problem-solving that require both training and practice. Teaching students how to find a problem, locate evidence, and craft a clear solution takes careful coaching and a set of critical learning tools. Join members of the OER Project to discuss the importance of historical inquiry, strengthen your practice around helping students develop these core competencies, and walk away with a few tools to share in your classroom.  

About North Carolina Department of Public Instruction & OER Project Professional Development Series

North Carolina schools leadership and OER Project believe that teachers are the key to providing students with the skills and knowledge necessary to lead our country into the future. In that spirit, we are collaborating to provide a series of workshops for teachers looking to add a few new tools to their toolbox. Developing students’ skills in any social studies classroom is imperative for understanding the content. These sessions will dive deep into a particular skill and leave you with ideas and tools that can be implemented immediately in your classroom. OER Project team members will work with North Carolina schools to design each session with your needs in mind. We are excited to begin this partnership and look forward to learning together throughout the school year.

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