Recorded March 7, 2024

Nonfiction reading is challenging for many students, even though informational texts and topics are some of the first things introduced to them in school. Why is this the case? How do we support our learners as they grapple with challenging primary sources, complex discipline-specific vocabulary, and topics that seem far removed from their lives? OER Project offers teachers a solution and a scaffold to support readers as they strengthen their abilities and dig deep into the mysteries of history.

During the session, we will be working with educators to move them through an introductory activity on how to examine claims through the analysis of authority and evidence. After the introductory activity, we will focus on reading and strengthening student writing of claims to help them better understand people, places, and events of history. Last, participants will have the opportunity to evaluate student exemplars on claim writing, think about grading practices, and take in some tips and tricks to close things out.

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About the New Jersey Professional Development Series

New Jersey education leaders and OER Project believe that teachers are the key to providing students with the skills and knowledge necessary to lead our country into the future. In that spirit, we are collaborating to provide a series of workshops for teachers looking to add a few new tools to their toolbox. Developing students’ skills in any social studies classroom is imperative for understanding the content. These sessions will dive deep into a particular skill and leave you with ideas and tools that can be implemented immediately in your classroom. OER Project team members will work with our state partners to design each session with your needs in mind. We are excited to begin this partnership and look forward to learning together throughout the school year.

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