Evidence and Reasoning

How to be the GOAT at Evidence and Reasoning

Nate Otey

Thank you Mr. Otey for three great ideas about how to teach this important history skill.  The triangle structure is something that my department has focused on.  The idea of no surprises and holding hands seem really useful.  Has anyone else approached the skill this way or what do you do?  

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  •  , I'm so mind-blown by your clear, simple strategy! My 10th grade team works really closely together and we are always struggling with students writing reasoning that clearly connects the evidence and claim. We know what student responses should look like and show lots of samples, but struggled with giving steps. These 2 simple rules are going to be a game changer. I just shared your video with my team and can't wait to test it out. I was also playing around with the argument mapping game on your site and think this would be a really good activity to do with the students. Looking forward to hearing more from you in the panel tomorrow!

  • Very well said  it is the simplicity of the strategy that is the key to how effective it is for students to use. This is something I am going to run with my Big History, World History class, and Philosophy students as well.

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