"Teaching Historiography in Middle School and Early High School"

I had high expectations for this session, and  did not disappoint!  Yes, the statement that history has a history is difficult for young learners.  I share the following quotation on my syllabus:  “One of the hardest things to convince students of in general is that ideas and ways of thinking and ways of understanding the world have a history” (Prof. Alan Charles Kors, Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania).  Our understandings change over time, and this feature of history is necessary to introduce to students and have them demonstrate this knowledge.  You outline fine approaches to reach this aim.  Eventually, students may recognize an empowerment they possess to consider the past and how it connects to the present and future.

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  • I myself was not introduced to the idea of Historiography until I was deep into my degree program in college.  I really think this is something we need to show and expose students to a lot earlier.  It helps…