Recorded October 25, 2023

Who and what are maps for? What do they tell us about the people who made them? How can we use maps to better understand the world around us? OER Project’s approach to geography and the use of maps offers students a window on the worlds and minds of mapmakers while providing them with a clear understanding of the power of place. In this session, educators will explore some of OER Project’s collection of maps and practice strategies to assist students in using these sources to analyze the places that shape our understanding of world history. 

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About Skills Clinics

OER Project Skills Clinics are collaborative sessions for teachers looking for a deeper dive into a particular skill. Let the learning experts at OER Project guide you through concepts and tools that you’ll be ready to use in your classroom right away.

Each session will be impactful as a standalone, but we also encourage you to follow the Skills Clinic series throughout the year. The insights from these sessions will build on one another, providing you with a complete and intensive professional development experience!

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